Welcome to WREM 2023

The 6th International Symposium on Water Resource and Environmental Management (WREM 2023) will be held on Sanya,China during December 8-9, 2023.

WREM 2023 brings together scientists, policy makers, students, and a broad range of stakeholders to discuss and learn about water resources and environmental protection.

The Key topics of the WREM 2023 will include resilient water management, aquatic restoration, habitat conservation, hydrologic modeling, the impact of climate change on water resources, non-point source pollution, the role of industry and agriculture in water management, and others.

We are working hard to get everything ready for a conference to remember. Follow us and we will keep you updated with our progresses!

Our Mission

The mission of WREM 2023 is to facilitate successful collaboration among researchers, scientists, engineers and professionals from all over the world to present their latest research result and new ideas in the fields of Water Resource and Environmental Management, and to facilitate the active involvement of private citizens in the stewardship of water resources.

Our Vision

The vision of the WREM 2023 is for water resources to be managed in a more informed and enlightened manner, resulting in healthy ecosystems as well as equitable and sustainable use of water resources for multiple uses.

Our Objectives

• To provide water managers and policy makers with science-based, water-related information they can use in decision-making to better manage water resources.
• To encourage the sustainable and equitable use of water resources to support a wide variety of uses (economic, environmental, recreational, etc.).
• To promote stewardship of local, regional, national and international water resources through training of volunteer citizen water quality monitors.
• To assist private citizens in understanding and using water-related information and knowledge.

Presentation only

-For those a few authors who don't expect any publication of your papers, you're welcome to submit the abstracts to us and present your papers at the conference without publishing.

Kindly mark "For Oral/Poster Presentation" when submitting the abstract to cfp@water-rem.org.


WREM 2023 will be an excellent conference. It is a good chance to communicate with other renowned experts in the field of environmental management, science and engineering. You are welcome to attend this great event.



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